The Verge – 1.14.19
Samsung debuted two billboards in Hangul that translate to "the future unfolds" and "February 20th" in central Paris. 

Competitor News, Forbes – 1.14.19
In addition to the bezel-less screen already leaked, Barclays has been hinting that the new iPhone will boast better FaceID software, WiFi 6 compatibility (new), a new antenna system, and a triple-camera scheme. 

Industry News, Salon – 1.14.19
Despite the title, the article is largely a negative review of the Flexipad specifically, calling out its well-known software issues. However, the article begins by questioning the practical value of a folding phone. 
WindowsReport – 1.15.19
A video displaying a CGI recreation of a folding phone has been revealed on the YouTube channel ContentCreator. The Teaser ends with the Window logo, strongly indicating Microsoft plans to join the folding phone market. 

Endgadget – 1.21.19
Motorola, owned by Lenovo, has announced the new Razor phone with a foldable screen. It borrows the general design principle from the original RAZR, except that it has has 2 folds than fold downward. 
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