A four-part poster series on Dead Lecture Series featuring legendary artists from the past, specialized in architect, fashion and photography.
The Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland is a contemporary art museum located in Cleveland, Ohio. The building consists of a hexagonal base, square roof, and triangle sides, so the logotype mimics geometric grids with the inclined windows.
Brand identity for a sewing tools, specializes in D.I.Y tailoring. Sarto means tailoring in Italian and the logotype is based on stitching.
Oberon is the UK’s most exciting independent publisher specializing in theatre, drama and the performing arts. Oberon has many of the most original new playwrights working today, and a wide range of handsomely produced publications. The idea of parentheses is to reflect multiple meanings which are books literally contain plays, representing ‘O’ and ‘B’ from ‘Oberon Books’, and the reflection of the theater when its revealed.
TU9 German Institutes of Technology is an association of the nine most prestigious, oldest, and largest technical universities in Germany. Associated especially through their core subjects, the engineering sciences, the members of TU9 pay attention particularly to the perception of topics with high relevance to these sciences. The basic system is established based on their motto which is ‘Knowledge Builds Bridge’, also the logotype mimics the characteristic of technical grids and electrical diagram.
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